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Fujitsu Group Integrated Report 2015

Fujitsu Group Integrated Report 2015

Image:Message from Management

Realizing innovation and value through new fields developed with the power of ICT and linked to people's lives and society

Image:Performance Highlights

Introducing major financial and non-financial data from fiscal 2014

Image:Message to Shareholders and Other Investors

Steadfastly moving forward with business model transformation, and working to bolster sustainable business growth

Image:Value Creation Model

Enhancing the expertise applied to the issues facing customers and society, and creating value through IoT technology

Image:Feature: Management Direction

Management Direction as the linchpin of business model transformation for sustainable growth, and to drive that, leveraging the "Six Types of Capital"

Image:Dialogue: Fujitsu Seen by Its External Officers

Message from members of the Executive Nomination Committee and the Independent Directors & Auditors Council

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