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Fujitsu Introduces World's Fastest CMOS Mainframe Computers:

- Global Server GS8800 features 0.25 micron CMOS technology, optimal platform for the network computing era -


Tokyo, January 29, 1998-- Fujitsu Limited today announces the world's fastest mainframe computers, the new Global Server model GS8800. Based on Fujitsu's advanced 0.25-micron Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology, the GS8800 is the fastest CMOS mainframe in the industry.

Fujitsu's new high-end mainframes employ Fujitsu's 0.25micron CMOS process and parallel processing technologies to deliver speeds of up to 2.3 times that of the previous generation Global Server.

Representing the high end of its GS8000 series, the new GS model offers an optimal platform for network computing systems. The newly developed GS8800 models excel at processing large volumes of data at high speed. Fujitsu's Global Servers facilitate the management of enterprise-wide corporate information systems by enabling the sharing of company-wide information among a large number of users and managing information exchange with other servers and enterprise data processing systems.

Compared to the previous generation GS8600 models, the new GS8800 models offer performance improvements ranging from 1.8 times faster for a single-CPU model to 2.3 times faster for a model with 12 CPUs.

gs8800 cpuGS8800 CPU Multi Chip Module

With the addition of the GS8800 models, the GS8000 series now has six model groups (41 separate model configurations) with a performance range of up to 3,400 times from high-end to low-end models.

In addition to leading edge 0.25-micron CMOS technology, the GS8800 lineup incorporates state-of-the art packaging technology, including ultra high- density Multi Chip Module (MCM) and system boards, and achieves the industry's best Tightly Coupled Multi-Processor (TCMP) performance with its 12-CPU model. Multi-cluster systems can be configured with up to eight clusters.

Fujitsu plans to market the GS8800 model line in Japan, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, and will supply key GS8800 technologies to Amdahl Corp. in the U.S.

gs8800 multi-cluster model GS8800 Multi-cluster Model

Monthly rental (not including tax) / Shipment

* Single cluster models: starting from 47.84 million yen
Shipment: late April 1998.
(Models 100A and 120A: late September 1998)

* Multi cluster models : starting from 82.27 million yen
Shipment: late July 1998

Sales target

300 systems over the next three years

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