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Fujitsu Develops Breakthrough Technology for High-Resolution PDPs Suited for High-Definition TVs

- New PDP structure and drive method technology -


Tokyo, August 25, 1998 - Fujitsu Limited has developed a revolutionary new technology, called "Alternate Lighting of Surfaces" (ALiS), for high resolution PDPs suited for High-Definition TVs (HDTV). ALiS method incorporates a new PDP panel structure and drive method that displays up to 31.5 million dots and more than 1000 scan lines.

The company will display a prototype 42-inch high resolution color PDP for HDTV incorporating the ALiS method at the Fujitsu Electronic Device Solutions '98 exhibition, August 27 and 28 at the Meiji Kinenkan in Tokyo.

Improving on the Three Electrode Surface Discharge method that is the basic technology for Fujitsu's PDP products, the ALiS method makes it possible to control the display of two scanning lines with three display electrodes. The new technology, which is unique to Fujitsu, facilitates the creation of large-size HDTV screens and high-resolution image displays. Fujitsu has applied for over 10 patents, including basic patents, related to the new PDP structure and drive method technology.

Characteristics of the ALiS method:

ALiS method prototype PDP specification:

Screen size: 922.2mm x 522 mm (diagonal 106 mm, 42-inch)
Screen ratio: 16:9
Pixels: 1,024 x 1,024 (3,145,728 dots)
Pixel pitch: 0.9 mm x 0.51 mm
Luminous intensity: 500 cd/m2 (white light peak)
Contrast: 250:1
Display colors: 16,770,000 colors
Electric consumption: 250W (typ)

Background Information on Fujitsu and PDPs:

Fujitsu is the world leader in the research, development and manufacture of plasma displays, which it has been pioneering for over thirty years. It was first to develop a full color AC type 21-inch display and the first company to enter mass production of color plasma screens in 1989, then full color screens, when it began producing 21-inch screens in 1993.

Fujitsu's 21-inch screens are used in television sets, computers and information terminals in such locations as the New York Stock Exchange and the bullet train platforms of Tokyo's Central Train Station. Fujitsu's 42-inch full color PDP was also shown at the Olympics in Atlanta.

Fujitsu's PDP development highlights:

1960's- Began research and development of plasma display technology.
1979 - Developed the basic foundation of AC (Alternating Current) type plasma display technology; the Surface Discharge structure.
1984 - Developed the Three Electrode Surface Discharge (TSD) structure.
1989 - Mass produced the world's first color plasma screen: a 20-inch, three color (red, green, orange) display used for stock price displays.
1993 - Mass produced the world's first full color plasma screen: a 21- inch, full color screen.
1996 - Mass produced the world's first 42 inch full color plasma screen and named it "ImageSite."
1997 - Introduced the first commercially viable 400:1 high contrast PDP model in the industry.

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