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Fujitsu Develops New Process for Reusing
Magnesium Alloy in Its Notebook PCs

- Recycling process reduces CO2 emissions to one-sixth the level of those
associated with conventional processes for making new PC housings -

Tokyo, December 4, 2002 -- Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Kasei Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that they have jointly succeeded in developing a practical process for reclaiming and reusing the magnesium alloy from the housings of Fujitsu's notebook personal computers. Material recovered using this process is being used in the fall/winter 2002 FMV-BIBLO MG and FMV-BIBLO NB models, making Fujitsu the world's first PC vendor to implement recycling of magnesium alloy in its own PC products. The new method significantly reduces the environmental burden of the PC housing production process, cutting CO2 emissions to 1/6 of those created in the normal mining and precision-machining processes. As Fujitsu collects more magnesium alloy from its old PCs, it will be able to expand this recycling program, making an important contribution to reducing the environmental burden of its products.

Magnesium alloy has become a popular material in notebook PCs because it offers the strength needed for today's slimmer, lighter designs, and the heat dissipation needed to cope with faster and hotter processors. In Fujitsu's notebooks that use the material, it accounts for 25-50% of the total weight. Under Japan's revised recycling law, manufacturers are now collecting and recycling old notebooks as part of the nation's "reduce, reuse and recycle" policy.

A few years ago, Fujitsu developed a recycling process for the scrap from the original PC housing molding process, re-melting it at 600°C so that it could be reused and have the same qualities as virgin material. Fujitsu began using this process in notebooks that it introduced in the winter of 1999. However, with recovered notebooks, re-melting the housing parts themselves was not so simple, as they have a coating that would burn off and create toxic fumes and a great deal of particulate matter. Until now, this problem has prevented recycling of the housing.

In 2001, however, Fujitsu developed a process whereby the housing is soaked in an alkaline solution that removes this coating and enables the parts to be re-melted. Further, by fine-tuning the composition of the molten alloy, Fujitsu was able to achieve the same quality as virgin material, all without producing any toxic fumes or particulates. Now, Fujitsu and its affiliates have succeeded in developing the technologies needed to use this process in mass production.

The new method is one of many the Fujitsu Group is actively deploying as part of its efforts to make recycling basic to everyday life. As a leader in the IT industry, Fujitsu is strongly committed to environmental responsibility and developing green products. Some of the results of these efforts are being exhibited and presented at Eco-Products 2002 (December 5-7) and the Eco-Design 2002 Symposium (December 5-6) in Japan.

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