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Fujitsu Announces Global Push in IT Services
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Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu Announces Global Push in IT Services

New Companies Will Enhance Infrastructure Services and
Consulting & Applications Capability in Europe and North America,
Improve Customer Access to End-to-End Business Solutions

London, February 6, 2002-Fujitsu Limited, the world's third largest IT services company and Japan's market leader, announced today a major new initiative to enhance its IT infrastructure services and consulting & applications capability in Europe and North America through the creation of two new companies under the unified Fujitsu brand. The new entities, Fujitsu Services and Fujitsu Consulting, will operate from April 2002 and are being built through the closer integration and realignment of ICL, DMR Consulting and other Fujitsu subsidiaries. The move underscores Fujitsu's commitment to provide customers worldwide with locally attuned, end-to-end business solutions and technology expertise, as well as its strategic emphasis on software & services as the principal driver of the group's overall growth going forward.

"Dynamic market changes and the ultra-competitive global business environment are creating tremendous opportunities and challenges for businesses and governments," said Yuji Hirose, Executive Vice President in charge of Fujitsu's global software & services business. "Our customers increasingly require one-stop access to leading-edge IT solutions and end-to-end services that deliver tangible benefits to their operations and a positive impact to their bottom line - an IT services and consulting partner who collaborates with them to meet these challenges head-on. Capitalizing on ICL's and DMR Consulting's existing strong customer relationships and wide-ranging expertise, and through improved market focus and sharing of knowledge and best practices across the Fujitsu Group, Fujitsu Services and Fujitsu Consulting will together be well positioned to fulfill just such a role."

Fujitsu Services, headquartered in London, will build on the core strengths of ICL to focus on delivering IT infrastructure management and outsourcing across desktop, networking and data center environments, together with a full range of related services, from infrastructure consulting through integration and deployment, as well as education and training. Consolidating its No. 2 position in the IT services market in the United Kingdom, the company will also concentrate on expanding its business in key countries throughout EMEA and exploit further opportunities in the Nordic region through a rebranded Fujitsu Invia (currently ICL Invia).

"Modern IT infrastructures facilitate business transformation. The founding of Fujitsu Services will enable us to focus and build on our core capability in infrastructure services," said Richard Christou, CEO of ICL, and designated chief executive of Fujitsu Services. He continued: "The decision to realign ICL and DMR Consulting within the Fujitsu brand not only provides us both with a strong foundation for growth, but also enables our customers' needs to be met with increased capability. Our skills, in managing the most complex IT infrastructures, delivering cost and efficiency benefits and providing the platform upon which new processes and systems can support future business needs, will provide a valued contribution to the Fujitsu Group's ability to offer customers a complete end-to-end service. Fujitsu's unique combination of Internet-focused technologies, communications and services, is an ideal one-stop shop."

Fujitsu Consulting will comprise the current global operations of DMR Consulting, the applications units of ICL in the UK and Ireland, and the operations of Fujitsu Systems Business of America and the systems integration business of Fujitsu Systems Europe. Fujitsu Consulting, which will be headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, will provide a full breadth of consulting and applications integration and managed services delivered with a unique collaborative approach that helps clients design, integrate and maintain high-impact, strategic business solutions. The current management of DMR Consulting will continue as the leadership of Fujitsu Consulting.

Michael Poehner, CEO of DMR Consulting said: "Fujitsu Consulting is ready to play a major role in Fujitsu's strategy of offering a results-oriented, collaborative approach to helping our clients improve their business performance. Our industry and business process expertise coupled with our roll-up-the-sleeves style are unique. Building on the proud heritage of our constituent companies and our great people, Fujitsu is poised to move into the top tier of global consulting companies."

The launch of the new companies will be backed by a strong marketing commitment, including a new series of advertisements beginning later this month to create marketplace awareness of the strengths and unique value propositions of the new consulting & applications and infrastructure services arms.

Fujitsu Services at a Glance (from April 2002)

Headquarters: London, UK
Chief Executive: Richard Christou (currently CEO of ICL)
Service Offerings:
  • Infrastructure Consulting
    • IT infrastructure-related technical consulting and architecture services
  • Integration and Deployment
    • Management of standard system and application roll-outs
    • Supply, integration and deployment of complex, large-scale infrastructure solutions
  • IT Outsourcing
    • Managed services across desktop, networking and data center environments
    • Help desk, hosting services and product support
  • Education & Training
    • Broad range of facilities and education services
Principal Geographies*: Europe, Middle East and Africa
Employees: 15,500

Fujitsu Consulting at a Glance (from April 2002)

Headquarters: Edison, New Jersey (USA)
Chief Executive: Michael Poehner (currently CEO of DMR Consulting)
Service Offerings:
  • Consulting Services
    • Management and technical consulting services, including benefits realization, business intelligence and change management
  • Integration Services
    • Business process and transaction definition
    • High-level design, detail design, coding, testing, etc.
    • Implementation of application packages
    • Enterprise Application Integration
    • ERP implementation, documentation, training and coaching
  • Managed Services
    • Application Portfolio Management (including application outsourcing)
    • Application-related helpdesk support
Principal Geographies: North America, Europe, Australasia and Latin America
Employees: 9,000

* In the Nordic Market Area, ICL Invia will continue its present structure and strategy in both the infrastructure services and consulting areas, but shift to the Fujitsu brand as Fujitsu Invia.

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