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Fujitsu Enhances CRM Product Line for Overseas Markets
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Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu Enhances CRM Product Line for Overseas Markets

Tokyo, February 28, 2002 -- Fujitsu Limited today announced the release of three new option packages to augment its basic CRM package software, BroadChannel®/Connector, with new operator management functions.The new offerings are targeted at customers in Southeast Asia and other markets outside Japan.

The three new packages, BroadChannel/Statistics, BroadChannel/CallBlending and BroadChannel/Distributor, can be combined with the existing BroadChannel/HADK (a developer's kit for user interface design) to build flexible operator management systems. These new packages make it simple and quick to add functions so that, for example, call-center managers can quickly optimize the allocation of human resources depending on the call-center's current operating status, or have the system conduct searches spanning multiple servers to transfer calls to the most suitable operator group.

In addition, the BroadChannel/Connector software platform itself has been enhanced. New functions include the ability for call-center managers to monitor or record the calls of selected operators, as well as the ability for operators to transfer calls to interactive voice response (IVR) systems*1.

Over the next three years, Fujitsu and its group companies in South East Asia expect to sell 500 installations of BroadChannel/Connector and its optional components.

Product Summary
Provides statistics helpful in allocating operators to the most appropriate administrative group and time period for efficient call-center operation. This option enables users to display via standard web browser or print yearly, monthly, daily or hourly call histories by group or by operator.

Automatically adjusts the number of operators among groups in response to incoming call volume. If a particular administrative group gets inundated with calls, causing delays in responding to customer calls, the system automatically reassigns operators from other groups to handle the additional call volume.

Performs operator searches across servers and transfers calls. This function enables multiple servers to function as a single call-center, allowing the flexibility to gradually add servers in response to increases in customer volume.

Product Lineup
Product NameFeatures
BroadChannel/ConnectorBasic switch functions
IVR (including automated voice generation and voice recognition)
Multi-channel automatic distribution
Intelligent routing*3
Multi-channel customer-response log management
BroadChannel/HADKDeveloper's kit for user interface design
(includes OCX control and templates)
BroadChannel/StatisticsDisplays and logs statistics on operator response status and line status.
BroadChannel/CallBlendingCaptures center operational status in realtime, performs automatic optimizations.
BroadChannel/DistributorLinks multiple servers, balances operator assignments
*Customers can also purchase licenses and annual support service packages according to the scale of call center.

*1: Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)
Equipment that recognizes speech and provides automated responses.
*2: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Routes incoming calls to operators who are free or who have the longest idle time, to achieve balanced loads. Can provide detailed information on incoming calls, and can be used with incoming e-mail or faxes as well.
*3: Intelligent routing
Automatically directs calls using rules based on customer attributes.

Trademark notice
BroadChannel® is a registered trademark of the Fujitsu Group.

About Fujitsu
Fujitsu is a leading provider of Internet-focused information technology solutions for the global marketplace. Its pace-setting technologies, best-in-class computing and telecommunications platforms, and worldwide corps of systems and services experts make it uniquely positioned to unleash the infinite possibilities of the Internet to help its customers succeed. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 5.48 trillion yen for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001. Internet:

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