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Fujitsu and iDOC Develop Embedded Software for FR500 Series of Microprocessors to Drive Color Laser Printers
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Fujitsu Limited
iDOC Limited

Fujitsu and iDOC Develop Embedded Software for FR500 Series of Microprocessors to Drive Color Laser Printers

Tokyo, February 21, 2002 -- Fujitsu Limited and iDOC Limited announced the release of an embedded software interpreter*1 for color laser printers, IPS(TM) 2000PS3*2 optimized for the top end of Fujitsu's FR-V family of processors, the FR500. The product is being released today and will be marketed and supported by iDOC.

IPS2000PS3 is the ultimate embedded software, capable of executing all the commands required in a color laser printer for printing tasks, and today, is the most widely used embedded software for laser printers.

Combining the FR500 Series' compiler function with the IPS2000PS3 interpreter results in an FR500 single-chip solution capable of providing all the image-processing needed in a color laser printer and obviating the need for image-processing ASICs. The result of this development is smaller circuit-board surface areas, lower costs, and shorter development times.

The interpreter is designed to achieve high-speed color rendering, with roughly double the performance of processors in existing color laser printers. Also, thanks to Fujitsu's development tools, the programmer is freed from concerns about the specific processor architecture, and can quickly and easily develop large-scale applications.

Fujitsu provided the FR500 Series' functional information and development environment to iDOC, which used that information to develop and test the FR500-optimized IPS2000PS3 interpreter.

iDOC already has considerable experience developing and testing the IPS2000PS3 interpreter for leading microprocessors, and the company gave high marks to the compiler used by the FR500 Series for its universality, speed, and reliability.

Using its advanced underlying FR-V microprocessor architecture, so far Fujitsu has developed the high-performance FR500 Series and the low-power FR400 Series. To meet the needs of the expanding market for products that incorporate image processing functions, such as consumer appliances and mobile phones, Fujitsu is actively developing its FR-V family, together with embedded software, to further enhance this line of processors noted for their high performance, compact size, and low power requirements.

*1: Interpreter
A program that interprets a computer language and issues instructions to run a computer.
*2: IPS2000PS3
Embedded software for laser printers developed by Oak Technologies of the USA.
** All company/product names mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are used for identification purpose only.

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About iDoc
Founded : 1999
President : Hideki Narui
Head office : 7-13-6 Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Lines of business : Core technology development for printers and image-processing equipment, providing the latest printing and image-processing technologies to OEM manufacturers. Developing printing software to handle PDF, HTML, XML, and PS formats, and printing solutions for digital-data transmission.
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Chiaki Kuwahara, Nancy Ikehara
Fujitsu Limited, Public Relations
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Y. Kawaguchi
+81-3-5759-2055 (Tokyo)
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Fujitsu Limited
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[Technical Contact]
Tel: +81-3-5759-2055 (Tokyo)
Fax: +81-3-3495-7191

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