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Fujitsu Introduces Handheld TeamPad 300
with Windows(R) CE 3.0 Software

Read Two-Dimensional Bar Codes and Signatures with CMOS Camera

TeamPad300 Tokyo, August 30, 2001 ---Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has introduced the Handlheld TeamPad 300, which uses Microsoft(R) Windows(R) CE version 3.0 as its operating software and has the ability to read imaging data, such as two-dimensional bar codes and signatures. Fujitsu has positioned TeamPad 300 as a global product, and a phased, global sales campaign will start on October 31 (launch date varies per region). Fujitsu expects to sell 50,000 units within the next three years worldwide.

By adotping Windows CE 3.0, the TeamPad 300 makes it easy for customers to develop applications in an open environment using Visual C++. In addition, the unit is equipped with a CMOS camera, so it can read not only one-dimensional bar codes but also two-dimensional bar codes and signatures -- imaging data that are becoming widely used in the retailing and distribution industries. Moreover, customers have the ability to connect to a variety of networks, such as a wireless LAN within a store or an external WAN*, allowing real-time data transmission between the field and headquarters, so customers can always see the latest information.

* Conditions regarding wireless cards and WAN cards vary, depending on the country. Consult your local Fujitsu representative.

Features of the Handheld TeamPad 300
1) Uses Windows CE 3.0 software
Customers have the flexibility to develop applications that match their operations using the Visual C++ open environment.
2) Units equipped with laser scanner or CMOS camera
Units equipped with CMOS cameras can read not only one-dimensional or two-dimensional bar codes but also other imaging data, such as signatures.
3) Features large-sized liquid crystal touch-screen display
The 240 x 320 pixel large-size liquid crystal touch-screen display offers improved handling.
4) Offers flexibility for connection to a variety of networks
  • Equipped with GSM communications module*.
    * Conditions vary by country; consult your local Fujitsu representative.
  • Supports SS wireless LAN conforming to IEEE 802.11b industry standards(*1). 11 Mbps high-speed wireless communications allow users to share data in real time.
  • Configured for either USB or optical PC interface.
5) Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use
  • Rugged and durable design for outdoor use. Meets level II JIS shock resistance standards(*2). Can operate at temperatures as low as -5°C. The unit's memory is secure even when dropped from a height of 1.5 meters onto a concrete surface.
  • For improved stability, the back of the TeamPad 300 is encased in rubber, so it will not slide even at a slope of 30°. The unit's strength is further enhanced by a plastic touch-panel and magnesium alloy frame.
6) Easy-to-use, unique design
  • Designed with the keyboard on top, making it easy to use with one hand.
  • Equipped with scanner trigger keys in two locations, on both the left and right sides, and cursor keys on the front side. The cursor keys can also be used as scanner trigger keys.
  • In units equipped with CMOS cameras, there is a cross pointer that makes it easy to read data from any angle.

Wireless LAN standards set by the IEEE.
Japanese industry standards. To test their resistance to water damage, the units were tilted 15°; in each direction (forward, back, left, and right), and water was poured on them from a height of over two meters for ten minutes at a rate of 3-3.5 mm of water per minute. The devices were then checked to make sure there was no internal mechanical water damage.
Microsoft, Windows CE and Visual C++ are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Any other company or product names mentioned are registered trademarks of the respective companies.

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