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Fujitsu Delivers World's Highest Transaction
Processing Capability

PRIMEPOWER2000/128way records highest ever
TPC-C result in Non-Clustered Performance

Tokyo, August 30, 2001---Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has achieved a new world record in TPC-C benchmark (455,818.20tpmC, at $28.58/transaction, registered August 28, 2001 - full details below.) with the PRIMEPOWER2000 SPARC powered, Solaris based server using SymfoWARE Server Enterprise Edition database management system. This record now distinguishes PRIMEPOWER2000/ SymfoWARE Server database as the world's most powerful system for transaction processing, registering unprecedented marks in performance and scalability.

The results of the Transaction Processing Performance Council show that a single non-clustered PRIMEPOWER2000 with 128 (563MHz) SPARC64 GP processors using SymfoWARE Server database outperforms all other systems by a wide margin in verified transaction processing performance. Fujitsu has up to now achieved world-class performance in TPC-C benchmark tests with high-end class (48 processor) server systems.

"PRIMEPOWER leverages both high performance and high reliability, which Fujitsu has refined over many years in the development of mainframe and high performance computing servers. These qualities allow PRIMEPOWER to meet the most demanding processing environments in the world." said Mr. Takashi Aoki, Group President of Fujitsu's Computer Systems Group. "This TPC-C result shows once again that PRIMEPOWER is the most scalable and powerful transaction processing system available, and adds to its status as an ideal server both for business and R&D environments, where power and scalability are required."

In today's enterprise business systems utilizing Internet/broadband and global B to B business models, transaction systems must be highly scalable while being able to handle enormous amounts of data, support complicated data processing instructions and adjust to various data changes with speed and accuracy. Fujitsu's ability to deliver worldwide the highest in efficiency with non-clustered systems is proof of the excellent scalability and compatibility of PRIMEPOWER servers with Solaris and Fujitsu's SymfoWARE Server database system, meeting the stringent requirements of today's broadband Internet systems.

National Institute of Genetics (NIG) of Japan recognizes the outstanding performance and scalability of Fujitsu's PRIMEPOWER 2000. NIG currently uses two PRIMEPOWER 2000 with 128 processors to analyze and process large volumes of genome information and also simulate the evolution of genes. More information can be obtained at URL:

[Details of the reported single-server benchmark]
Transactions Supported : 455,818.20tpmC
Price/performance : $28.58/tpmC
Total System Cost : $13,025,524
Availability Date : February 28, 2002
Database : SymfoWARE Server Enterprise Edition for VLM 3.0.1
Transaction Monitor : BEA Tuxedo 6.5 CFS
Operating System : Solaris 8
System name : PRIMEPOWER2000
Processor : SPARC64 GP 563MHz
Number of Processors : 128
Disk Unit : GR730 etc.
Benchmark edition : TPC-C Rev5.0

[Details on TPC-C and tmpC]
TPC-C is a standardized benchmark test for evaluating the throughput performance of complete system configurations. The TPC-C benchmark comes under the jurisdiction of the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC). The results may be published only after having been audited by a TPC appointed auditor. The TPC-C benchmark models a database application for a warehouse. While the system processes a number of simulated payment, order status, delivery and stock-level transactions, the benchmark measures the number of "new order" transactions that can still be accepted. The tpmC metric indicates the number of "new order" transactions which can be fully processed per minute with a response time of less than five seconds. Further information on the TPC institution, the TPC-C benchmark and published benchmark results can be downloaded from the TPC website at

[About PRIMEPOWER2000]
Developed by Fujitsu Limited in Japan, and sold by Fujitsu group companies in Asia/Pacific, Fujitsu Technology Solutions in North America and Fujitsu-Siemens Computers in EMIA. PRIMEPOWER is now the holder of a number of world records. The range of benchmarks held by PRIMEPOWER can be found at:
PRIMEPOWER2000 systems running the Solaris operating environment can scale to 128 processors and support up to 99.999% system availability.

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