Fujitsu Develops Breakthrough Technology for TFT Liquid Crystal Displays

- New MVA technique vastly improves image quality and manufacturability -

-- Achieves super-high quality, large 15 inch LCD screens with widest viewing angle, fastest response time in the industry --

Liquid Crystal Display

Tokyo, September 16, 1997 -- Fujitsu Ltd. has successfully developed a new, breakthrough technology which dramatically enhances the image quality and simplifies the manufacturing of large-size Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). Applying the new technique to direct-view thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD panels, Fujitsu has succeeded in making 15 inch LCD screens with the best image quality, widest viewing angle and fastest response time compared to any TFT-LCD in the industry.

The new technology, Multi-domain Vertical Alignment (MVA) is the result of continuing research based on the Vertically Aligned (VA) technology announced by Fujitsu in September of 1996. MVA LCDs have a wide viewing angles of more than 160 degrees, both vertical and horizontal, and a high contrast of 300:1. The new screens also have a response time of only 25ms and the MVA technology totally eliminates the need for a "rubbing" process in manufacturing. This makes MVA-type LCDs simple to make and stable.

Fujitsu plans to begin volume production of the 15 inch MVA LCDs from October 1997. Prototypes of the 15 inch XGA panel using MVA technology will be shown at the Japan Electronics Show held in Makuhari, Chiba, Japan beginning October 6,1997.

The VA technology was the first to introduce the use of liquid crystals (LC) with negative dielectric anisotropy in the field of LCDs and was able to achieve the faster response time and the higher contrast compared to Twisted Nematic (TN) LCDs. The MVA technology found the way to encompass the VA achievements and dramatically improving the image, quality and at the same time simplifying the manufacturing process to realize volume production.

The MVA technology dramatically improved the viewing angles by making "multi-domain alignment" or multi-direction of the LC molecules' inclination possible. Multi-domain alignment realized viewing angles of more than 160 degrees for both vertical and horizontal directions with completely symmetric characteristics. This is almost equivalent to the viewing angles of an average CRT. In addition to the wide viewing angle, MVA LCD shows NO color distortion and is perfect for high-end applications and desktop monitors.

The productivity and quality were also dramatically improved for MVA LCDs due to the total elimination of "rubbing" process which is required to align LC molecules in the standard LCD manufacturing. The new "protrusion" designed on the TFT substrates and on the color filter substrates automatically controls the alignment of the LC molecules and therefore, eliminating any need for the conventional rubbing process. By eliminating the rubbing, the chances of LC contamination has also been decreased tremendously.

For high contrast, MVA LCDs uses vertical alignment layer and negative LCs. Polarizers are adhered to the out side surface of both glass substrates at 90 degrees to each other. This structure differ from a conventional TN LCD in that the LC molecules of VA LCD are aligned vertically, rather than parallel, to the glass substrate when the applied voltage is off. This increases the LC molecules' ability to block light in the off-voltage state, resulting in a very dark black level and an extremely high contrast ratio of 300:1.

The following table compares the performance of Fujitsu's MVA TFT LCD to the conventional TN TFT LCD.

MVA-TFT specifications

MVA LCDTN LCD (conventional)
Viewing Angle (CR>10)
Vertical: 160 deg., or more45 deg.
Horizontal: 160 deg., or more
80 deg.
Contrast ratio 300 : 1 or more 100 :1
Response timeless than 25 ms 50 ms

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