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Fujitsu Unveils New Workgroup and Mid-range PRIMEPOWER
Servers with Mainframe-Class Performance and Reliability

2- to 16-way PRIMEPOWER systems with powerful SPARC64 V
GHz-class processors now available worldwide

PRIMEPOWERTokyo, May 21, 2003 -- Fujitsu Limited today announced the global release of four new low- and mid-range PRIMEPOWER UNIX® systems with gigahertz-class SPARC64TM V processors to meet demanding enterprise computing needs while providing superior ROI in a smaller platform. The new PRIMEPOWER servers, which boast performance improvements of as much as 40% over current products, can also fully maximize uptime and throughput by delivering the same ultra-high levels of RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) as Fujitsu's mainframe-class 128-way PRIMEPOWER 2500 server.

The newly introduced models include the 2-way PRIMEPOWER 250 and the 4-way PRIMEPOWER 450, both based on the SPARC64 V 1.1GHz processor, and the 8-way PRIMEPOWER 650 and 16-way PRIMEPOWER 850, both using SPARC64 V 1.08GHz. PRIMEPOWER 650 and 850 models will be enhanced with 1.35GHz processors later this year.

These new PRIMEPOWER servers incorporate innovations like automatic error detection and self correction initially developed and tested for large-scale mission-critical environments. These have now made their way into all the processors and hardware components used across the entire PRIMEPOWER server range. The result is an impressive combination of record-breaking performance plus best-in-class RAS and world-standard Solaris Operating Environment support - all in one economical package.

"Over the years we have worked to give our UNIX systems levels of reliability previously only thought possible in the most advanced mainframes," said Mr. Noriyuki Toyoki, General Manager, Enterprise Server Division, Fujitsu Limited. "We did this first with our 128-way PRIMEPOWER server. Now, by engineering a cost-effective delivery capability, we are bringing mainframe-class reliability and serviceability technology into the workgroup and mid-range class of our PRIMEPOWER systems."

"The introduction of the new PRIMEPOWER systems, with their improved performance and RAS features, is good news for customers," said Dave Dargo, vice president, System Platforms Division, Oracle. "Oracle9i Database with Real Application Clusters on these new servers provides real business and technology benefit by delivering a stable, highly available system that can scale as needed."

"As a strategic partner providing leading storage software solutions and joint support for PRIMEPOWER servers, VERITAS Software welcomes Fujitsu's extension of mission-critical computing ability to its entire range of PRIMEPOWER servers," said Kevin Reinis, vice president of business development and strategic alliances, VERITAS Software. "Through tightly integrated, interoperable solutions with our partners, VERITAS enables utility computing in today's multi-vendor data center environments. Our products running on the new Fujitsu servers will continue to provide customers with superior high availability, data protection and storage management solutions for cost-effective computing and improved service levels throughout their IT organization."

"The growing momentum behind the Solaris 9 Operating System is fueling growth in the Solaris market," said Graham Lovell, Marketing Director, Sun Microsystems. "The Solaris OS is the best choice for deploying secure and robust business critical applications in today's economy."

"Fujitsu's new generation of servers bring high-end system performance to the low end that has not been seen to date," said Vernon Turner, group vice president, Global Enterprise Server Solutions, IDC. "As customer performance demands continue to increase at the entry level, Fujitsu's PRIMEPOWER 250 and 450 are addressing the most urgent computing needs by giving customers mainframe-like capabilities, reliability, and availability."

As well as the power and hardware reliability that come with Fujitsu's SPARC64 V processor implementation, the new PRIMEPOWER 250 and 450 systems include Extended System Control Facility (XSCF) technology, which raises the reliability level of all functions within the server through autonomous, self-monitoring capabilities. XSCF reduces running costs by minimizing downtime and maintenance. The new PRIMEPOWER servers communicate their operational status so they don't need to be closely monitored for signs of gradual or imminent failure. They can also be monitored remotely via the web, email or a private connection for very fast turnaround on preventative maintenance, component replacement and troubleshooting support.

These new PRIMEPOWER models have a number of features that contribute to their mainframe-class reliability, including the SPARC64 V processor, self-monitoring and self-diagnostics, redundancy of major components, and high-speed crossbar.

The SPARC64 V processor includes advanced error detection, error correction using ECC and instruction-retry, and cache-degeneration, to enhance the processor's own RAS performance and ensure the integrity of the customer's valuable data. Along with the SPARC64 V processor's excellent RAS performance, PRIMEPOWER servers include data-integrity checks in the memory and data pathway (parity, ECC). To minimize unscheduled downtime, they also are designed to automatically reboot in case that there is a fault in the CPU, memory, or PCI bus, with monitoring and diagnostic functions that allow the server to continue operating while isolating the problem area.

PRIMEPOWER servers have built-in redundancy of all major components - including power supplies, fans, and hard drives - for higher availability. For data transfers that are roughly twice as fast as their predecessors, these new PRIMEPOWER servers come with a high-speed crossbar.

With these low and mid-range models, customers can now take advantage of mainframe-class levels of reliability and processing power to expand their business on a global scale while maximizing their return on IT investment.

Customer contact information for the Japan and Asia/Pacific markets are listed below. For information regarding specifications, features, availability and pricing for EMEA and North America, please contact local representative.

PRIMEPOWER servers are developed by Fujitsu Limited in Japan and sold by local Fujitsu group companies in Asia/Pacific, Fujitsu Technology Solutions in North America and Fujitsu Siemens Computers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. They use SPARC V9 architecture and the Solaris Operating Environment to run some of the world's most demanding systems. Fujitsu has PRIMEPOWER benchmarking centers in America, Europe and Japan that provide the most realistic comparisons of the power available from these systems and test bed further system performance improvements.
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