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Fujitsu Steps Up Linux Business Aimed at Large-Scale Enterprise Systems

Tokyo, October 23, 2002-Fujitsu Limited today announced that it is positioning Linux, the open source software, as one of the key operating systems for its next-generation IT systems, and it plans to commercialize large-scale, mission-critical enterprise systems to run on Linux within the next three years. As a first step in its stepped-up Linux business efforts, Fujitsu today released Linux versions of nine of its middleware and packaged software products, available initially in the Japanese market.

As the critical importance of IT systems grows in business and society at large, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated in order to meet customers' expanding needs. In order to optimize IT spending, high-end IT systems require software that can easily accommodate systems expansion to meet rapidly changing business requirements. Enterprise users are increasingly interested in open source software that can meet their needs for greater flexibility, particularly in regard to the operating system, which serves as the nucleus of an IT system. To respond to these needs, Fujitsu is committed to promoting and actively supporting Linux as one of the major operating systems to run its next-generation IT systems.

In recent years, Linux has gained recognition as a key operating system for servers used in Internet-related fields, but it is also making headway as an operating system for business applications, as a result of support from Linux software distributors in providing applications compatibility and longer support periods.

Fujitsu is working to accelerate this process through the following initiatives:

  • Working closely with distributors to deliver applications compatibility and long-term support;
  • Cooperating with and contributing to the open source community's efforts to improve and augment the Linux operating system;
  • Developing and providing middleware and packaged software solutions for corporate systems;
  • Reinforcing its systems support organization for open source software;
  • Providing hardware platforms and core software that improve the scalability and reliability of the Linux operating system.

More specifically, as an initial step in advancing its enterprise-focused Linux business, Fujitsu is implementing the following:

  1. Providing Linux versions of seven of its middleware products (starting in Japan from October 2002)
    1. "Interstage" collaborative business integration suite
    2. "Systemwalker" integrated operations management software
    3. "Symfoware" database and business intelligence package
    4. "PRIMECLUSTER" high-reliability clustering software
    5. "Linkexpress" data exchange software
    6. "GeoServe HA" high-availability middleware for carriers
    7. "NetCOBOL" development tool

  2. Providing Linux versions of two types of packaged software solutions for carriers (starting in Japan from March 2003)
    1. "GeoServe SCS" for SIP control servers
    2. "GeoServe IMS" for IM servers

  3. Collaboration with Red Hat, Inc.

    In cooperation with Red Hat, Inc., Fujitsu will from December offer Red Hat Linux Advanced Server with its PRIMERGY Intel-based servers in Japan in order to provide a stable Linux system environment. This will enable Fujitsu to provide certified applications compatibility and long-term support. Fujitsu will also certify Linux interoperability for its own middleware and certain third-party applications, starting with Oracle 9i.

    Red Hat Linux Advanced Server implements the following functional enhancements required in enterprise systems:

    1. System tools (troubleshooting, performance analysis)
    2. IPv6 (networking)

"The adoption of Linux in enterprise computing will be accelerated by Fujitsu's strong commitment to the Japanese market," said Matthew Szulik, Chairman and CEO, Red Hat, Inc. "The continuous and strategic Asian alignment with Fujitsu moves Linux into the enterprise mainstream."

"Oracle Corporation Japan welcomes Fujitsu's commitment to Linux," said Toshimitsu Misawa, Executive Officer of Partner Business Division, Oracle Corporation Japan. "The reliability and stability of the open source Linux operating software continue to improve, and we believe it will become an important IT platform for enterprise systems. Oracle Japan is also actively involved in the Linux field, including offering a Linux version of our Oracle Database. We expect that Fujitsu's stepped-up involvement announced today will further accelerate the IT industry's shift toward Linux."

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