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Fujitsu Releases World's Highest-Capacity
Four-Stack MCP

--Combines Two Flash Memory Chips, Mobile FCRAM and SRAM in One Package--

MB84VZ064A Tokyo, December 6, 2001 ---Fujitsu Limited today announced the launch of a new four-stacked multi-chip package (MCP) product equipped with a pair of 64-Mb NOR dual-operation flash memory chips, 32-Mb mobile FCRAM (*1) with asynchronous SRAM interface and 8-Mb SRAM, for the world's largest memory capacity among MCPs. The new product, MB84VZ064A, goes on sale starting today.

The new product combines the memory used in two existing MCP products in a single four-chip stacked MCP with a 103-ball (10.0 x 9.0 x 1.4 mm) plastic BGA (*2) package. Combining these chips into one package reduces the total mounted surface area to about 63% of the previous combination of packages (*3).

In recent years there has been a clear trend towards smaller mobile devices with higher functionality. With the introduction this past October of 3G mobile phones in Japan, there is expected to be increasing demand for phones with improved functionality and higher transmission speeds. These developments have created a demand for MCP memory that is physically smaller and runs on less power, but with more capacity and speed.

Fujitsu's new MCP includes two 64-Mb NOR-type dual-operation flash memory chips for storing programs and data. This flash memory, which was fabricated using of 0.17-micron process technology, runs faster than previous NOR-type flash products, performing sector erase operations in 0.2 seconds (one second for previous models), with access speeds of 70 ns (80 ns for previous models), and significantly improved electrical features.

This MCP includes 32-Mb mobile FCRAM (second-generation model*4) and 8-Mb SRAM. FCRAM is a special type of memory developed by Fujitsu for higher speed and lower power consumption. This new second-generation FCRAM uses just 25 mA of operating current (compared with 30 mA for first-generation mobile FCRAM used in earlier MCPs), and achieves access speeds of 70 ns (compared with 85 ns).

Sample pricing (tax not included) : 9,000 yen
Availability : December 6, 2001 for samples
Sales target : 200,000 units/month

  1. Components :
    Two 64-Mb dual-operation flash memory chips
    One 32-Mb mobile FCRAM chip
    One 8-Mb SRAM chip

  2. Access times :
    Address access : Max. 70 ns (64-Mb flash memory)
    Read access : Max. 70 ns (32-Mb FCRAM); Max. 70 ns (8-Mb SRAM);
    Erase time : Standard 0.2 sec./sector (64-Mb flash memory)

  3. Power supply : Vcc = 2.7 to 3.1 V

  4. Power requirements :
    Standby : Max. 5 µA (64-Mb flash memory)
    Max. 100 µA (32-Mb mobile FCRAM)
    Max. 15 µA (8-Mb SRAM)
    Power-down mode:Max. 10 µA (32-Mb FCRAM)
    Read : Max. 18 mA (64-Mb flash memory operating at 5 MHz)
    Max. 25 mA (32-Mb mobile FCRAM)
    Max. 50 mA (8-Mb SRAM operating at 10 MHz)
    Write/erase:Max. 35 mA (64-Mb flash memory)

  5. Packaging : Standard plastic 103-ball BGA (96 signal balls, 7 reinforced balls)

*1 FCRAM (fast-cycle RAM):
Proprietary Fujitsu technology for next-generation memory cores. Mobile FCRAM is a low-power version of the technology for handheld devices. Uses an asynchronous SRAM interface.
*2 PBGA (plastic ball-grid array):
A type of plastic packaging used for surface mounting.
*3 Previous MCPs:
The MB84VD23280EA (64-Mb flash memory + 8-Mb SRAM) and MB84VD23483EJ (64-Mb flash memory + 32-Mb mobile FCRAM) have been combined in the new product. The MB84VD23280EA has a mounted surface area of 11 x 12 x 1.4 mm and the MB84VD23483EJ has a mounted surface area of 10.4 x 10.8 x 1.2 mm, compared with new MB84VZ064A's 10.0 x 9.0 x 1.4 mm.
*4 First-generation 32-Mb mobile FCRAM and second-generation 32-Mb mobile FCRAM:
Fujitsu introduced the first-generation 32-Mb mobile FCRAM in 2000. The 32-Mb mobile FCRAM developed in 2001 was configured to optimize I/O circuitry for even greater power reduction and speed.
FCRAM is a registered trademark of Fujitsu Limited. All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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