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Fujitsu Reports FY2001 First Quarter Financial Results

Overseas Slowdown in IT Spending, Restructuring Costs
Depress Earnings Despite Modest Rise in Overall Sales

Tokyo, July 27, 2001 --- Fujitsu Limited today reported consolidated net sales of 1.09 trillion yen for the first quarter of fiscal year 2001 (April 1 - June 30, 2001), a 2% increase over the first quarter of fiscal 2000. Converted into US dollars*, this represents approximately $8.7 billion. Higher domestic sales in telecommunications, as well as in information processing and services & software, were offset by lower overseas sales, particularly in the areas of telecommunications and information processing.

In line with problematic economic conditions affecting the worldwide IT industry - including worsening stagnation in the U.S. economy and attendant slowdowns in Japan and East Asia as well as weaker growth in Europe - the Fujitsu Group faced a very difficult business environment in the first quarter. Poor economic conditions led telecommunications carriers in the U.S. in particular, as well as companies in other fields and regions, to cut back on capital spending, and IT-related investment dropped off precipitously. Moreover, worldwide demand for consumer-use personal computers and cellular phones leveled off, leading to widespread adjustments in production and inventories.

In regard to earnings, higher sales of servers and other computing products countered sales declines in small form factor hard disk drives to improve overall results in information processing. However, electronic devices earnings were severely impacted by lower prices and a decline in demand as the market worked through excess inventory, and earnings for flash memory, logic ICs and SAW filters in particular suffered. Telecommunications earnings declined along with the drop in sales of optical transport systems in North America. As a result of these and other factors, Fujitsu reported a consolidated operating loss of 42.3 billion yen (US$339 million) for the quarter. In addition, due to charges associated with the reorganization of development operations in the U.S. and other restructuring measures, the company posted a net loss for the period of 55.4 billion yen (US$444 million).

Services & Software
First quarter consolidated sales of services & software were 374.9 billion yen (US$3.0 billion), an increase of 4% from the same period in fiscal 2000. Despite a solid increase in domestic sales of services, especially systems integration and outsourcing services for large corporations, overseas sales declined, dragged down by weaker sales of services in Europe and North America as companies there restrained spending on IT.

Information Processing
In information processing, consolidated sales totaled 325.3 billion yen (US$2.6 billion), an increase of 2% from the first quarter of last fiscal year. Although sales in Japan of personal computers to consumers declined, overall domestic information processing sales increased, boosted by continuing growth in sales of UNIX servers for businesses and higher sales of other large-scale enterprise servers. Overseas sales decreased, as sales of small form factor magnetic disk drives for desktop personal computers declined, and cutbacks in IT spending led to sluggish demand for servers, particularly in the U.S.

Consolidated telecommunications sales for the quarter were flat at 149.3 billion yen (US$1.2 billion). Higher sales of switching systems and base station systems for IMT-2000, the next-generation mobile communications system in Japan, were offset by lower sales of optical transmission systems, reflecting the impact of more severe cutbacks in investment by telecommunications carriers, particularly those based in North America.

Electronic Devices
Consolidated sales of electronic devices fell 4% to 159.8 billion yen (US$1.3 billion). A slowdown in the growth of global demand for cellular phones and digital audiovisual appliances brought about global-scale inventory adjustments in semiconductors. As a result, sales of SAW filters and other devices declined, while flash memory and logic IC sales remained on par with those in the same quarterly period last fiscal year.

* Note:
All yen figures have been converted to U.S. dollars for convenience only at a uniform rate of US$1 = 125 yen, the closing exchange rate on June 30, 2001.

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Revised Projections for Fiscal Year 2001

As a key industry supporting the future development of the network society, growth prospects for the IT industry in the medium and long term remain strong. Currently, however, Fujitsu expects corporate IT spending cutbacks at North American telecommunications carriers and other companies to continue along with stagnant demand for cellular phones and personal computers, making it difficult to foresee a recovery within this fiscal year. As a result, the company anticipates that the Fujitsu Group's optical transport, flash memory and PC-use small form factor hard disk drive businesses will continue to be severely impacted, and that measures to respond to mid-term structural changes in the IT industry will be urgently required.

Accordingly, determined to meet the challenges of these severe business conditions head-on, the company will take concerted action to radically improve the profitability of the Fujitsu Group in the next fiscal year and beyond. Measures to be taken in the current fiscal year will include aggressive restructuring initiatives such as reorganizing its development and manufacturing structure on a global basis, rigorously applying the concept of selection and concentration to focus on core businesses, and restructuring its global services & software organization.

Taking all these factors into consideration, Fujitsu is at this time making the following revisions to the fiscal 2001 earnings projections it made in April.

Fujitsu Limited Consolidated Earnings Forecast for Fiscal 2001

Billion Yen
Revised Forecast
(as of July 27, 2001)
Original Forecast
(as of April 26, 2001)
FY2000 Actual Results
1H FY2001 FY2001 1H FY2001 FY2001 1H FY2000 FY2000
Net Sales 2,450.0 5,400.0 2,650.0 5,800.0 2,490.5 5,484.4
Income (Loss)
(15.0) 80.0 90.0 270.0 100.2 244.0
Income (Loss)
(280.0) (300.0) (30.0) (35.0) 35.3 (32.1)
Net Income(Loss) (210.0) (220.0) 0 50.0 17.2 8.5

  • Fiscal year ending March 31; 1H ending September 30.
  • Due to uncertainties relating to changes in demand for products and components in key markets (Japan, U.S., Europe, etc.), currency exchange rate fluctuations, Japan and U.S. stock market conditions, and other factors, actual results may vary substantially from projections above.
  • This release contains "Material Information" as specified under Article166 of the Securities and Exchange Law of Japan. If you read the contents of this release, you or any other person with whom you share the acquired information will be deemed the primary recipients of corporate insider information and will be prohibited from purchasing, selling, or making other transactions of shares or securities of Fujitsu Limited until 12 hours has elapsed from the time when this press release was issued (approximately 2:00 a.m. on July 28, 2001, Japan time).
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