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Fujitsu Introduces High-Speed 1.3GB 3.5-inch GIGAMO Drive for Real-time Recording of High-resolution Digital Images

-- world's first MO drive capable of real-time MPEG2 recording --

MCK3130SSTokyo, October 2, 2000 -- Fujitsu Limited announced today the introduction of a new 3.5-inch high-speed GIGAMO (*1) magneto- optical (MO) disk drive (model MCK3130SS), which is the world's first to be capable of real-time recording of high-resolution images in MPEG2 (*2) format. Sales of the new drive commence today, and it will be available through Fujitsu's various sales companies worldwide.

In recent years, PCs have adopted increasingly sophisticated video recording and editing capabilities, including easy-to-use video-capture functions and software for editing digital video. Fujitsu's newly developed high-speed GIGAMO drive responds to this growing field with an MO-based storage system that is ideal for enjoying high-quality digital moving images.

The MCK3130SS features a high-resolution real-time recording function that allows 8Mbps high-quality MPEG2 images from a TV tuner card or video capture card to be saved directly onto the MO media. To realize this, Fujitsu developed a new version of the Zone Constant Linear Velocity (*3) method and combined it with a Cashe Millennium AV (*4) system using an 8MB data buffer (*5) to automatically regulate the speed of the disk.

In addition to greatly improved file copy performance, the MCK3130SS offers high speed and ease of use. Thanks to a lighter, more efficient carriage (*6), the new device boasts a 19 milliseconds seek time (*7), the world's highest speed for a 3.5-inch MO drives. Moreover, adoption of a servo head enabling 5,455min-1(rpm) high-speed rotation results in a 20% improvement in file copy performance for 128MB, 230MB, 540MB, 640MB media compared with previous models (10-25% improvement for 1.3GB media).

The new GIGAMO drive is compatible with current MO media disks (128MB, 230MB, 540MB, 540MB and 1.3GB), about 100 million of which are believed to be in circulation (*Note). In addition, the new drive is equipped with the Media ID function to protect the copyrights of online digital content.

Sample shipment starts October 2, with volume production to commence in November. Fujitsu aims to sell 1 million units within the first two years. This announcement follows closely on Fujitsu's recent release of the world's smallest and lightest 3.5- inch MO disk drive, dubbed the "Mobile MO" (model MCG3064AP), demonstrating the company's committment to continuing to expand its MO product lineup.


*1 GIGAMO: 1.3GB 3.5-inch magneto-optical (MO) disk system and MO format standard, jointly developed by Fujitsu and Sony. The GIGAMO system maintains compatibility with the current ISO-IEC standard MO media.

*2 MPEG2: Coding method for compressing digital moving images. Offers higher compression and higher image quality than MPEG1, whose quality is roughly equivalent to that of VHS.

*3 Fujitsu's ZCLV (Zone Constant Linear Velocity): Fujitsu's proprietary system, which works together with Cash Millenium AV technology. It adjusts read/write disk speed in accordance with data buffer status. The technology increases internal processing speed for recording by 50% compared with previous drives.

*4 Cache Millennium AV: Fujitsu's newly developed cache system for real-time recording. The system prevents data transfer interruptions due to rotation changes in the drive, corrective processing or outside shocks.

*5 Data buffer: Memory area to hold data temporarily during data transfer.

*6 Carriage: Optical head unit that maneuvers over the media seek zone.

*7 19 milliseconds seek time: 20% faster than previous models.

Source: International Data Corporation and Japan Recording- Media Industries Association.

* All company / product names mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are used for identification purpose only.

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