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Fujitsu Announces Java Solutions for Fast-Growing Network Applications Market

-- J-StarterKit, Microprocessor based on picoJava-II architecture and integrated real-time software solution supporting PersonalJava and EmbeddedJava technologies to be available from June --

Tokyo, April 5, 2000 -- Fujitsu Limited today announced that it is releasing a complete Java solution for the high volume network appliance market that features Fujitsu's microprocessor implementing the picoJava-II(TM) core architecture and Fujitsu's J-StarterKit for the picoJava-II architecture, a reference board that provides much faster development, debugging, and deployment. The solution also includes a software package that contains the popular JTRON-based, real-time OS (RTOS) that is integrated with Sun Microsystems' PersonalJava(TM) and EmbeddedJava(TM) technologies. This solution will be available from June 1, 2000.

evaluation board Java chip MB86799

The high-performance, direct execution of Java byte codes in silicon, combined with the real-time software environment, will accelerate the expansion of Java(TM) technologies into various embedded fields. These include the emerging networked appliance markets, including smart handheld devices, communications markets, home and office equipment and auto navigation systems. These Java-based silicon and software solutions are powering Fujitsu's "Everything on the Internet"strategy by seeding devices for ubiquitous connectivity.

"Fujitsu's picoJava based product announcements point to the continued growth of Java technology in the embedded marketplace. An accelerator engine built around the picoJava processor core, and the release of their JTRON real-time OS software developments will further enhance users' ability to communicate in small, networked devices," said Fadi Azhari, group marketing manager, Microelectronics, Sun Microsystems.

"We are excited to have a major semiconductor company like Fujitsu develop compatible implementations of the Java platform optimized for the picoJava-II architecture,"said Curtis Sasaki, director of product marketing, Software Products and Platforms, Sun Microsystems. "The integrated hardware and real-time software solution will allow developers to quickly get development projects going, leading to faster deployments of real products."

The JTRON real-time OS is based on the TMITRON OS kernel that is popular in Japanese consumer electronics, combined with the Personal Java or EmbeddedJava environments. Fujitsu has ported JTRON real-time OS to the picoJava-II core, as well as undertaken the development of a Java virtual machine (JVM)TM implementation in cooperation with Fujitsu Laboratories and under the authority of Sun Microsystems. This is due to the direct execution nature of the picoJava architecture, in that the Java virtual machine is still required but in a different form. Included in the software package is middleware for networking, graphics and storage systems.

In embedded fields, developers need the assurance of hard real-time response times in the operating system and also desire to utilize the Java platform's advantages in ease of development and time to market. But until now, there was no way to guarantee real-time response times with an interpreter. The JTRON real-time software platform came out of requests from the embedded markets, and JTRON-based RTOSes are rapidly being deployed in consumer appliances.

Fujitsu's Java solutions based on the picoJava-II core offer high- speed execution of Java byte codes. Directly executing Java byte codes requires less power and memory, and executes at a faster rate than implementations using compiler or interpreter technologies. The reduced memory footprint of Java-based chip implementations are especially useful for portable devices where power consumption and form factor considerations are critical.

Fujitsu's Java-based chip and evaluation board "J-StarterKit for the picoJava-II architecture"with JTRON support package is available for PersonalJava or EmbeddedJava technologies. Also, Fujitsu is one of the first chip vendors to have a sub-license right for Personal Java and EmbeddedJava technologies.

These systems will provide connectivity to embedded markets with real-time operation and high speed, small footprint execution. Fujitsu's picoJava-based solutions are assisting in creating totally new applications for the emerging networked appliance markets which are being built on Java technology foundations.

* Java, PersonalJava, EmbeddedJava and picoJava are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Sun Microelectronics has disclosed the picoJava technology under Sun Community Source License (SCSL) since March 1999. All other company/product names mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are used for identification purpose only.

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