Fujitsu Labs Develops World's First PC Card-type Fingerprint Scanner

-- for quick and easy user authentication on mobile PCs --

PC card PC card fitted into a Biblo

Tokyo, October 30, 1997 - Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. has developed a fingerprint scanner for use with notebook computers. The ultra-slim device, which weighs just 100 grams and is mounted on a 5mm-thick PC card that fits into a standard PCMCIA card slot, provides a quick and easy user authentication method for mobile computer users. With the fingerprint-based verification system, users need not worry about forgetting or misspelling their passwords, and in the event of loss or theft they can rest assured that their data can not be accessed by unauthorized users.

The device, which operates as part of the security function of a computer's operating system, can be used to authenticate users in either a stand-alone or network situation. A new algorithm developed by Fujitsu researchers reduces individual user identification data to less than 400 bytes, thereby enabling a recognition speed of just 1.8 seconds (in case of Pentium Pro 200 MHz). Even when connected to a network by standard telephone line, user authentication takes less than 2 seconds.

The new device, which will be exhibited at COM JAPAN '97 in Tokyo Nov. 4 - 7, 1997, is expected to become commercially available by spring 1998.

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